DDA2001, April 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 4. Posters

Monday, 8:00pm,

4.01 Status of the UCAC project
N. Zacharias (USNO), M.I. Zacharias (USRA / USNO), T.J. Rafferty (USNO)
4.02 Transport and Capture of Comets
S.D. Ross, W.S. Koon (Control and Dynamical Systems, Caltech), M.W. Lo (Navigation and Mission Design, Jet Propulsion Laboratory), J.E. Marsden (Control and Dynamical Systems, Caltech)
4.03 Dust Stream Evolution from Long Period Comets
A.A. Jackson (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
4.04 First Light for USNO 1.3-meter Telescope
A.K.B. Monet, F.H. Harris, H.C. Harris, D.G. Monet, R.C. Stone (USNO, Flagstaff)
4.05 Free Libration in the Motion of the Galilean Satellites and the Reassessment of Tidal Effects
S. Musotto, F. Varadi, G. Schubert, W. Moore (UCLA)
4.06 Lower Bounds on Astrometric Errors from a Spinning, Precessing Astrometric Satellite due to the Geometry of the Observation Scanning Pattern
M.A. Murison (U.S. Naval Observatory)
4.07 Long term integration error of KS regularized orbital motion
H. Arakida (Department of Astronomical Science, Graduate University for Advanced Studies), T. Fukushima (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
4.08 The Orbits of the Recently Discovered Jovian and SaturnianSatellites
R. A. Jacobson (JPL/Caltech)
4.09 Solar System Astrometry at McDonald Observatory: Progress Report
J.G. Ries, R.L. Ricklefs, P.J. Shelus, E.S. Barker (Dept. of Astronomy, The Univ. of Texas at Austin)
4.10 Parallaxes with Hubble Space Telescope II
G. F. Benedict, B. E. McArthur (McDonald Observatory), T. E. Harrison (New Mexico State U.), J. Lee (Yale), C. L. Slesnick (University of Virginia), HST Astrometry Science Team
4.11 An Improved Distortion Solution for WFPC2
J. Anderson (UC Berkeley)
4.12 Intentionally Deleted
4.13 Controlling the NGST Orbit
S.H. Lubow (STScI)
4.14 Planet Formation Around Pulsars
D.P. Hamilton, M.C. Miller (U. Maryland)
4.15 (n:1) Resonances and Stability of Restricted Three-Body Systems
N. Haghighipour (Northwestern University)
4.16  Comparisons of High Order Störmer and Explicit Runge-Kutta Nyström Methods for N-body Simulations of the Solar System
P.W. Sharp (University of Auckland)
4.17  Semi-analytic Formulas for the Stirring Rates of Planetesimals
K. Ohtsuki, G.R. Stewart, S. Ida (Univ. of Colorado)

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