DDA2001, April 2001
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 7. Small Rocky Things

Tuesday, 1:20-3:00pm, Chaired by Matthew Holman

7.01 Of Time, Tides, and Trojans
D.P. Hamilton (U. Maryland)
7.02 Stability of Binary Asteroids
D.J. Scheeres (University of Michigan)
7.03 A Dedicated NEO Follow-up Program for the Southern Hemisphere
W. F. van Altena, C. D. Bailyn, T. M. Girard, D. Rabinowitz (Yale U.), R. L. Branham (CRYCIT, Mendoza, Argentina), M. Hicks (JPL), C. E. Lopez (UNSJ, San Juan, Argentina)
7.04 The NEAR-Shoemaker Radio Science Results for Asteroids Mathilde and Eros
D.K. Yeomans, P.G. Antreasian, S.R. Chesley, J.D. Giorgini, A.S. Konopliv, J.K. Miller, W.M. Owen, Jr., B.G. Williams (JPL/Caltech), D.J. Scheeres (Univ. Michigan)
7.05 Debiased Orbital and Size Distributions of the NEOs
W.F. Bottke (SwRI), A. Morbidelli (Obs. Nice), R. Jedicke (U. Arizona), J.M. Petit (Obs. Nice), H.F. Levison (SwRI)

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