DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 30. Extrasolar Planets and Systems

Poster, Chair(s): , Thursday, October 10, 2002, 4:00-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

30.01 Dynamics of two planets in the 2:1 and 3:2 mean motion resonances
N. Callegari Jr., T.A. Michtchenko, S. Ferraz-Mello (IAG-USP)
30.02 On the stability of \upsilon Andromedae extrasolar planetary system; an S-Type binary-planetary system with more than one planet
J. Norwood (Harvey Mudd College, Physics Dept.), N. Haghighipour (Carnegie Institution of Washington, DTM)
30.03 Evolution of the Orbits of Extrasolar Planet Moons During Planet Migration
J. W. Weiss, G. R. Stewart (CU/LASP)
30.04 The contrast of dusty rings caused by capture into external mean-motion resonances in extra-solar planetary systems
A.C. Quillen (University of Rochester), Stephen Thorndike (Alfred College)
30.05 HD209458b Transit Spectroscopy
J. Harrington (Cornell), L. D. Deming (NASA/GSFC), K. Matthews (Caltech), L. J. Richardson (U. Colorado, Boulder), P. Rojo (Cornell), D. Steyert (NASA/GSFC), G. Wiedemann (Uni. Sternwarte Jena), D. Zeehandelaar (Cornell)
30.06 Numerical Evaluation of Love's Solution for Tidal Amplitude: Extreme tides possible
T.A. Hurford, R. Greenberg, S. Frey (Univ. of Arizona)
30.07 On the Stability of Particles in Extrasolar Planetary Systems
E. J. Rivera, N. Haghighipour (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
30.08 Tidal Acceleration, Rotation and Apses Allignement in Resonant Extra-Solar Planetary Systems.
S. Ferraz-Mello (IAG,Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil)
30.09 Dust and planetesimals in the inner Beta-Pictoris disk. A numerical model
P. Thebault (Observatoire de Meudon), J-C Augereau (CEA-Saclay)

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