DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 42. Extrasolar Planets and Systems

Oral, Chair(s): W.D. Cochran and M.J. Kuchner, Friday, October 11, 2002, 11:15am-12:45pm, Ballroom

42.01 Death to satellites of extrasolar planets: tidal collapse, vaporization and Yarkovsky decay
J. A. Burns, M. Cuk (Cornell U.)
42.02 A Planetary Companion to the Binary Star Gamma Cephei
W. D. Cochran (U. Texas), A. P. Hatzes (TLS Tautenburg), M. Endl, D. B. Paulson (U. Texas), G. A. H. Walker (U. British Columbia), B. Campbell (BTEC Enterprises Ltd.), S. Yang (U. Victoria)
42.03 Project ORESTE: ORigin, Evolution, and Stability of Terrestrial Exoplanets
F. Marzari, M. Barbieri, P. Tricarico (Dip. di Fisica, Padova, Italy), H. Scholl (Obs. de Nice, Nice, France), P. Thebault (Obs. de Paris, Paris, France)
42.04 Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres : Modelling of coupled Photochemical and Radiative Processes, Modelling of Infrared Spectra.
J. Kieken (Bordeaux Observatory, Floirac, France), F. Selsis (Centro de Astrobiologia, Madrid, Spain), M. Dobrijevic, F. Billebaud, J.-P. Parisot (Bordeaux Observatory, Floirac, France)
42.05 Eccentricity excitation and apsidal alignment in exo-planetary systems
R. Malhotra (U. Arizona)
42.06 Delayed Gratification Habitable Zones (DG-HZs): When Deep Outer Solar System Regions Become Balmy During Post-Main Sequence Stellar Evolution
S.A. Stern (SwRI)
42.07 A Radiative Equilibrium Model of HD209458b
N. Iro, B. Bézard (Obs. Paris Meudon, LESIA), T. Guillot (OCA/Cassini)
42.08 The Geometry of Resonant Signatures in Debris Disks with Planets
M. J. Kuchner, M. J. Holman (CfA)

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