AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 115. Cool Star Atmospheres and Envelopes

Poster, Thursday, January 9, 2003, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall AB

115.01 Model Atmospheres for Irradiated Red Giant Stars with Winds
J. P. Aufdenberg (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), T. S. Barman (Wichita State University)
115.02 Analysis of Stellar Spectra from the Century Survey
T.C. Beers (Michigan State Univ.), C. Allende Prieto (Univ. of Texas), R. Wilhelm (Texas Tech.), W. Brown, M.J. Geller, S. Kenyon, M. Kurtz (SAO)
115.03 Chemical Abundances of Hipparcos Subgiants
H. Noriega-Mendoza, J.A. Holtzman (New Mexico State University), V.V. Smith (University of Texas at El Paso)
115.04 Detection of HCN and C2H2 in ISO Spectra of Oxygen-Rich AGB Stars
D.F. Carbon, J.E. Chiar, D. Goorvitch (NASA Ames Research Center)
115.05 Preliminary results on photometric and spectroscopic followup of Space Interferometry Mission Grid Giant Star Candidates
J. Arenas (CTIO), D. Geisler (Univ. de Concepcion), S. Majewski (UVa), V. Smith, D. Bisyaev (UTEP), N. Suntzeff, J. Seguel (CTIO)
115.06 The Scale of Granulation in Red Giant Atmospheres
P. Demarque, F. J. Robinson (Yale U.), K. L. Chan (Hong Kong UST), Y. -C. Kim (Yonsei U.), D. B. Guenther (Saint Mary's U.), S. Sofia (Yale U.)
115.07 Multi-Epoch Interferometric Study of MIRA Variables II. Narrowband diameters of R Boo
R.R. Thompson (JPL), M.J. Creech-Eakman (JPL / Caltech), G.T. van Belle (Interferometry Science Center / Caltech)
115.08 2mm Wavelength VLBI: SiO Masers in the Envelope of VYCMa
S.S. Doeleman, R.B. Phillips, A.E.E. Rogers, J.M. Attridge, M.A. Titus, D.L. Smythe, R.J. Cappallo, T.A. Buretta, A.R. Whitney (MIT Haystack Observatory), T Krichbaum, D.A. Graham, W. Alef, A. Polatidis, U. Bach, A. Witzel, J.A. Zensus (MPIfR-Bonn), A. Greve, M. Grewing (IRAM), R. Freund (NRAO), P. Strittmatter, L. Ziurys, T. Wilson, H. Fagg (Steward Observatory)
115.09 Movie and Description of the 43-GHz SiO Masers in S Per
T.A. Ostrowski-Fukuda, R.E. Stencel (University of Denver), A. Kemball (NRAO), G. Harper (CASA), P.J. Diamond (AD(MERLIN/VLBI National Facility))
115.10U SiO masers: Three-Transition Movie for a Red Giant Atmosphere
L.M. Winter (Villanova University), R.B. Phillips, R.J. Crowley (MIT Haystack Observatory)
115.11U Colors, Magnitudes, and Searches for Nearby Stars using SDSS/USNO Photometry
C. C. Williams, D. A. Golimowski, A. Uomoto (JHU), I. N. Reid (STScI), T. J. Henry (Georgia State), S. Dieterich, S. L. Jue, G. M. Long (JHU), E. H. Neilsen (FNAL), E. Y. Spahn, L. M. Walkowicz (JHU)

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