AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 82. Planning for Future Missions: Radio to X-Ray

Poster, Wednesday, January 8, 2003, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall AB

82.01 Techniques for Distant Scatterometry of Saturn Satellites using the Cassini RADAR
R. West, S. Ostro (JPL - CalTech)
82.02 Submillimeter and Far Infrared Experiment for SOFIA (SAFIRE): Progress and Prospects
R.A. Shafer, S.H. Moseley, D.J. Benford, J.A. Chervenak, E. Dwek (NASA/GSFC), J.G. Staguhn (SSAI/GSFC), K.D. Irwin (NIST/Boulder), F. Pajot (IAS), G.J. Stacey (Cornell U.)
82.03 NIRCAM Image Simulations for JWST
A. Sivaramakrishnan, R. B. Makidon, D. F. Figer, L. E. Bergeron, R. I. Jedrzejewski, H. B. Bushouse, H. S. Stockman, P. E. Hodge, N. M. Dencheva, B. J. Rauscher (STScI), J. J. Green, P. Dumont, D. C. Redding (JPL), M. Im (IPAC), J. D. Offenberg (SSAI), STScI Team, JPL Team, IPAC Team, SSAI Team
82.04 On the Prospects of Measuring the Cosmic History of Element Synthesis with Future Far-IR/Submillimeter Observatories
D. Leisawitz, D.J. Benford (NASA GSFC), A. Kashlinsky (SSAI and NASA GSFC), C.R. Lawrence (Caltech JPL), J.C. Mather, S.H. Moseley (NASA GSFC), S.A. Rinehart (NRC RRA, NASA GSFC), R.F. Silverberg (NASA GSFC), H.W. Yorke (Caltech JPL)
82.05 Laboratory Test Bed For High-Contrast Space Telescope Imaging Concepts
T. Hull, J. Trauger, D. Redding, B. Gordon, J.J. Green, Y. Gürsel, A. Lowman, H. Kadogawa, S. Macenka, D. Moody, S. Shaklan, F. Shi (JPL)
82.06 Microshutter arrays for JWST - programmable field masks.
S.H. Moseley, K.A. Blumenstock (NASA's GSFC), A. Ewin (NASA/GSFC), D.E. Franz (RITSS/GSFC/NASA), J. Hein (NASA's GSFC), R. Hu (RITSS/NASA/GSFC), C. Kotecki (NASA's GSFC), A.S. Kutyrev (SSAI/GSFC/NASA), J. Laughlin, M.J. Li (NASA's GSFC), B. Lynch (RITSS/NASA/GSFC), A. Miles, D.B. Mott (NASA's GSFC), D.A. Rapchun (GST/GSFC/NASA), D.S. Schwinger, R. Silverberg (NASA's GSFC), W. Smith (OSC/NASA/GSFC), R.P. Wesenberg (NASA's GSFC), C. Zincke (QSS/NASA/GSFC), Y. Zheng (QSS/GSFC/NASA)
82.07 The Eclipse Mission: A Direct Imaging Survey of Nearby Planetary Systems
J. Trauger, T. Hull, K. Stapelfeldt (JPL), D. Backman (Franklin and Marshall College), R. Bagwell (Xinetics), R.A. Brown (STScI), A. Burrows (U. Arizona), C. Burrows (MetaJiva), M. Ealey (Xinetics), S. Heap (GSFC), J. Kasdin (Princeton), J. Lunine (U. Arizona), G. Marcy (U. C. Berkeley), D. Redding, R. Sahai (JPL), D. Spergel (Princeton), W. Traub (CfA), B. Woodgate (GSFC)
82.08 A Large Aperture Fabry-Perot Tunable Filter Based On Micro Opto Electromechanical Systems Technology
J.A. Palmer, M.A. Greenhouse, D.B. Mott, R.B. Barclay, W.D. Powell, W.T. Hsieh (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
82.09 Steps Toward a Large Space-Based UV/Optical Fizeau Interferometer: The GSFC Fizeau Interferometer Testbed (FIT)
K.G. Carpenter, R.G. Lyon, L.M. Mazzuca (NASA's GSFC), G. Solyar (GEST/UMBC), J. Marzouk (Sigma Space), L.G. Mundy (UMD), J.T. Armstrong, X. Zhang (NRL)
82.10 Record High EUV Efficiency from Multilayer-Coated Liquid-Overcoated Blazed Ion-Etched Gratings
M. P. Kowalski, R. G. Cruddace, J. C. Rife (NRL), T. W. Barbee, Jr. (LLNL), W. R. Hunter (SFA, Inc.), K. F. Heidemann, H. Kierey (Carl Zeiss)
82.11 Windowless Far-Ultraviolet Electron Impact Calibration Lamp
K. France, S. R. McCandliss, R. Pelton (JHU)
82.12 Thin shell plastic optics: Application to hard X-ray telescopes
H. W. Schnopper (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), M. Barbera (Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo Giuseppe S. Vaiana), E. H. Silver, S. S. Murray (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
82.13U Future X-Ray Telescopes: Fresnel Lenses and Interferometry
T.L. Smith (Chicago), S.E. Romaine (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
82.14 A QVD Detector for Focal Plane Hyperspectral Imaging in Astronomy
K. S. Wood (NRL), A. M. Gulian (PAF), G. G. Fritz (Praxis, Inc.), D. VanVechten (ONR)

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