AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 88. Undergraduate Astronomy Instruction, Labs and Research

Poster, Wednesday, January 8, 2003, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall AB

88.01 Curricular Derivatives in Undergraduate Astronomy
L. K. Erickson (Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
88.02 Invisible Universe Online: Designing, Facilitating, and Evaluating an Online Course in Astronomy
A. Gauthier (University of Arizona Steward Observatory), J. Keller (LPL, University of Arizona), M. Bennett (ASP), S. Buxner (Fiske Planetarium, University of Colorado), E. DeVore (SETI Institute), T. Slater (University of Arizona Steward Observatory), M. Thaller (JPL)
88.03 An Online Interactive Astronomy Course for Non-Science Majors
T.F. Slater, L.V. Jones, J.M. Bailey, S.A. Jaeggli, A.C. Lee (University of Arizona)
88.04 Real Scientific Research in Introductory Astronomy
C. A. Pilachowski (Indiana University), T. Rector (NRAO), S. Margheim (Indiana University)
88.05 Research Results from the MIT Haystack Observatory Undergraduate Education Program
P. Pratap (MIT Haystack Observatory), R. French (Wellesley College)
88.06 Teaching Introductory Astronomy Using Lecture-Tutorials
J.P. Adams (Montana State University), E.E. Prather, T.F. Slater (University of Arizona)
88.07 Injecting Inquiry into Undergraduate Astronomy Labs
S. Gezari, J. Noel-Storr, D. Spiegel (Columbia University)
88.08 Evaluating Astronomy Laboratories
E. L. Zirbel (Boston University)
88.09 Bringing Astronomy Labs into the 21st Century at Arizona State University - Update
L. M. Will (Arizona State Univ. & Mesa Community College), P. Scowen (Arizona State Univ.)
88.10 Advanced Undergraduate Computer Based Astronomy Lab. The Astrometric Binary Kruger 60.
M. H. Slovak (LSU)
88.11 SOLAR ROTATION: A Laboratory Exercise from Project CLEA and the GONG Project
L.A. Marschall (Gettysburg College), J.J. Sudol (National Solar Observatory), G.A. Snyder (Gettysburg College)
88.12 More Solar Activities for Astro 101
M. L. West (Montclair State University)
88.13 Programming Wireless Handheld Devices for Applications in Teaching Astronomy
R. Budiardja (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, U. Tennessee), V. Saranathan (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, U. Tennessee, Dept. Physics, Ohio Wesleyan U.), M. Guidry (Dept. Physics and Astronomy, U. Tennessee)
88.14 Using the First-Year English Class to Develop Scientific Thinking Skills
B.J. McNamara, C. Burnham, S. Green, E. Ball, A Schryer (New Mexico State University)
88.15 Writing Links for Astronomy---Do they make a difference?
S. E. Palen (Weber State University), N. Kool (University of Washington, English Dept.)
88.16 An Interactive Gallery of Planetary Nebula Spectra
K. B. Kwitter (Williams Coll.), R. B. C. Henry (U. Oklahoma)

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