AAS 201st Meeting, January , 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 96. Planetary Systems II

Oral, Wednesday, January 8, 2003, 10:00-11:30am, 606-607

96.01 Biosignatures of Early Earths
C.B. Pilcher (Astron. & Physics Div., Office of Space Science, NASA Headquarters)
96.02D Formaldehyde in IRC+10216: Chemistry of an Extrasolar Cometary System
K. E. S. Ford (Johns Hopkins University)
96.03 Toward the Infrared Spectrum of the Extrasolar Planet HD209458b
D. Deming (GSFC), L. J. Richardson (LASP & GSFC), C. Goukenleuque (GSFC), J. Harrington (Cornell Univ.), G. Wiedemann (Univ. Jena)
96.04 Possible Transiting Planet Candidates from the Explore Project
G. Mallen-Ornelas (CfA), S. Seager (CIW DTM), H.K.C. Yee (U. of Toronto), M.D. Gladders (OCIW), T.M. Brown (HAO/NCAR), K. von Braun (CIW DTM), D. Minniti (P.U. Catolica de Chile), S.L. Ellison (ESO-Chile), G.M. Mallen-Fullerton (U. Iberoamericana)
96.05 Survey for Transiting Extrasolar Planets in Stellar Systems (STEPSS)
B. S. Gaudi (Institute for Advanced Study), C. J. Burke, D. L. DePoy, J. L. Marshall, R. W. Pogge (The Ohio State University), STEPSS Collaboration
96.06 On using occultation and microlensing to find white dwarf and planetary companions of main sequence stars in tranit searches.
E. Agol, A. Farmer, K. Mandel (Caltech)
96.07 From Discovery of 51 Pegasus to Superflare Problem: a Suggestion of Solution
B. Chiu (Boston, MA)

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