DPS 35th Meeting, 1-6 September 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 18. Extra Solar Planets II

Poster, Highlighted on, Wednesday, September 3, 2003, 3:00-5:30pm, Sierra Ballroom I-II

18.01 Atmospheric Dynamics of the Transiting Planet HD209458b
C.S. Cooper, A.P. Showman (University of Arizona / Lunar and Planetary Laboratory)
18.02 The Astronomical Detection of Biosignatures on Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets: The Virtual Planetary Laboratory
D. Crisp, V. S. Meadows, C. D. Parkinson, M. A. Allen, T. Velusami (JPL/Caltech), G. Tinetti, R. Rye (USC), K. Krelove (ASU)
18.03 The Robotically Controlled Telescope and the Search for Extra-Solar Planets
D. R. Davis, S. B. Howell, M. E. Everett (Planetary Science Institute), R. Gelderman (Western Kentucky University), E. Guinan (Villanova University), J. R. Mattox (Francis Marion University), C. H. McGruder (Western Kentucky University), D. K. Walter (South Carolina State)
18.04 Disk-averaged phase light curves of extrasolar Jupiter and Saturn.
U.A. Dyudina, A.D. Del Genio (NASA GISS), L. Dones, H.B. Throop, C.C. Porco (SwRI), S. Seager (DTM,CIW)
18.05 Photochemistry of Extrasolar Giant Planets
A.J. Friedson, E. Wilson (JPL/Caltech), J.I. Moses (LPI)
18.06 The Water Cycle and Habitability of Earth-like Planets
E. Gaidos (University of Hawaii)
18.07 Modeling Structure in Hypothetical Debris Disks Around Two Systems with Known Planets
E. K. Holmes (National Research Council Resident Research Associate/Jet Propulsion Laboratory), C. A. Beichman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
18.08 Volatile Cycles and Glaciation: Earth and Mars (Now and Near a Red Giant Sun), and Moons of Hot Jupiters
J.S. Kargel (U.S. Geol. Survey), M.B. Fegley (Washington University)
18.09 Photochemistry in the Atmosphere of HD 209458b
M.-C. Liang, C. D. Parkinson, Y Yung (Caltech), S Seager (Carnegie)
18.10 Planetary Science and the Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission
V. S. Meadows, C. Dumas, S. Unwin, D. Crisp (JPL/Caltech), Terrestrial Planet Finder Science Working Group Team
18.11 Hydrodynamic Escape from HD209458b: Lessons for VPL (Virtual Planetary Laboratory)
C. D. Parkinson (Caltech/JPL), M. I. Richardson (Caltech), J. C. McConnell (York University), Y. L. Yung (Caltech), V. S. Meadows (Caltech/JPL)
18.12 Comparison of Results from Keplerian and Newtonian Fits to Radial Velocity Data
E. J. Rivera (Carnegie Institution)
18.13 Collisional dust production in extrasolar discs: a new dynamical and photometric model
P. Thebault (Observatoire de Meudon), J.-C. Augereau (Leiden Observatory)
18.14 Detectability of Planetary Characteristics from Spatially and Spectrally-Resolved Models of Terrestrial Planets: Mars and Earth
G. Tinetti (JPL/USC), V. S. Meadows (JPL/Caltech), D. Crisp (JPL), W. Fong (Caltech), H. Snively (UCSC), T. Velusamy (JPL)
18.15 Eclipse: A Mission Concept for a Coronagraphic Imaging Survey of Nearby Planetary Systems
J. Trauger, A. Hull (JPL), D. Backman (Franklin and Marshall), R. A. Brown (STScI), A. Burrows (U. Arizona), C. Burrows (MetaJiva), M. Ealey (Xinetics), C. Ftaclas (U. Hawaii), S. Heap (GSFC), J. Kasdin, M. Kuchner (Princeton), J. Lunine (U. Arizona), G. Marcy (U.C. Berkeley), R. Sahai (JPL), D. Spergel (Princeton), K. Stapelfeldt (JPL), W. Traub (Harvard CfA), B. Woodgate (GSFC)
18.16 Distribution of Extrasolar Planets relative to the Habitable Zones of Nearby Stars
D.M. Williams (Penn State Erie, The Behrend College)
18.17 Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission Architecture and Technology Development
C. Lindensmith (Caltech, JPL)

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