36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 35. Extrasolar Planets

Poster II, Thursday, November 11, 2004, 4:15-7:00pm, Exhibition Hall 1A

35.01 Transit Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planet HD209458b: The Radiative Transfer Model
P. Rojo, J. Harrington, J. Dermody, D. Zeehandelaar (Cornell), D. Deming (NASA GSFC), G. Wiedemann (U. Hamburg), S. Seager (Carnegie), N. Iro (Obs. Paris-Meudon), J.J. Fortney (NASA Ames), A. Burrows (U. Arizona)
35.02 The Search for H3+ Towards HD209458
J. Haywood, E. Gibb, S. Brittain, T. Rettig (University of Notre Dame), C. Kulesa (University of Arizona)
35.03 Atmospheric Dynamics of the Transiting Exoplanet HD 209458b
C. S. Cooper, A. P. Showman (University of Arizona / Lunar and Planetary Lab)
35.04 Filter Bandpasses for the Detection of Reflected Light from Extrasolar Giant Planets
J.J. Fortney, M.S. Marley (NASA Ames), S. Seager (Carnegie DTM)
35.05 Dust dynamics as a way to contraint the gas density in the Beta-Pictoris disc
P. Thebault (Observatoire de Paris), J.-C. Augereau (Leiden Observatory)
35.06 Stability and Secular Resonance in the \upsilon Andromedae Planetary System
V. J. Lystad (Northwestern University), E. B. Ford, D. A. Fischer (University of California, Berkeley), F. A. Rasio (Northwestern University)
35.07 Planetary Migration and Eccentricity and Inclination Resonances in Extrasolar Planetary Systems
M.H. Lee (UCSB), E.W. Thommes (CITA)
35.08 How Dry is the Brown Dwarf Desert?: Quantifying the Relative Number of Planets, Brown Dwarfs and Stellar Companions Around Nearby Sun-like Stars
C.H. Lineweaver (Australian National University), D. Grether (University of New South Wales)
35.09 The Microlensing Planet Finder: Completing the Census of Extrasolar Planets in the Milky Way
D.P. Bennett (University of Notre Dame), I. Bond (Massey University), E. Cheng (Conceptual Analytics, LLC), S. Friedman (Space Telescope Science Inst.), P. Garnavich (University of Notre Dame), B.S. Gaudi (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), R. Gilliland (Space Telescope Science Inst.), A. Gould (Ohio State University), M. Greenhouse (NASA/Goddard), K. Griest (UC, San Diego), R. Kimble (NASA/Goddard), J. Lunine (University of Arizona), J. Mather (NASA/Goddard), D. Minniti (Universidad Catolica de Chile), M. Niedner (NASA/Goddard), B. Paczynski (Princeton University), S. Peale (UC, Santa Barbara), B. Rauscher (NASA/Goddard), M. Rich (UC, Los Angeles), K. Sahu (Space Telescope Science Inst.), D. Tenerelli (Lockheed Martin Space Systems), A. Udalski (Warsaw University), N. Woolf (University of Arizona), P. Yock (University of Auckland)
35.10 Long-term Orbital Evolution of Planetary Systems
K. Zhang, D. P. Hamilton (University of Maryland)

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