37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 32. Mars' Surface

Poster, Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Recital Room

32.01 Mars Express Bistatic Radar: Preliminary Results
R.A. Simpson, G.L. Tyler (Stanford University), M. Paetzold (University of Cologne)
32.02 Goldstone/VLA 3.5 cm Mars Radar Observations in 2003
T.F. Mao (Caltech/NRAO), B.J. Butler (NRAO), M.A. Slade, A.F.C. Haldemann (JPL), D.O. Muhleman (Caltech)
32.03 Overview of Athena Microscopic Imager Results
K. E. Herkenhoff (U. S. Geological Survey), Athena Science Team
32.04 THEMIS and TES Observations of Water Ice Lags in the Mars' Southern Summer
T.N. Titus (U.S. Geological Survey)
32.05 Correlation of the asymmetrical retreat of the south polar cap and the polar layered terrain on Mars
Y. Narumi (Kyushu-Tokai University), K. Iwasaki (Kyoto Gakuen University)
32.06 Geological characteristics of the central Noachis Terra, Mars
M. Aittola, J. Korteniemi (Department of Physical Sciences, University of Oulu, Finland), T. Ohman (Department of Geosciences, University of Oulu, Finland)
32.07 Alluvial Fan in Icaria Planum, Mars: a MEX HRSC Study
J. Korteniemi, J. Raitala, M. Aittola, V.-P. Kostama (University of Oulu, Finland), E. Hauber (DLR, Berlin, Germany), P. Kronberg (TU at Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany), G. Neukum (Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany), HRSC Co-Investigator Team
32.08 The origin of polygonal impact craters - Evidence from Argyre region, Mars.
T. Ohman (Department of Geosciences, Division of Geology, University of Oulu, Finland), M. Aittola, V.-P. Kostama, M. Hyvarinen, J. Raitala (Department of Physical Sciences, Division of Astronomy, Uiversity of Oulu, Finland)
32.09 Fractal Dimension Analysis of Putative Martian Coastlines
G. A. Gianelli (Orlando, FL)
32.10 Formation of Martian Gullies by the Action of Liquid Water Flowing under Current Martian Environmental Conditions
J.L. Heldmann (NASA Ames Research Center), O.B. Toon (University of Colorado), W.H. Pollard (McGill University), M.T. Mellon, J. Pitlick (University of Colorado), C.P. McKay (NASA Ames Research Center), D.T. Andersen (SETI)
32.11 Comparing Martian chaotic terrains with their terrestrial analogues
A. P. Rossi, A. Chicarro (European Space Agency, ESTEC Research and Scientific Support Department, Noordwijk, The Netherlands), V. Huvenna (Challenger Division for Seafloor Processes, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom), J. P. Henriet (Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Department of Geology and Soil Science, Ghent University, Belgium), S. Di Lorenzo (International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Universite d'Annunzio, Pescara, Italy), G. Neukum (Institut fur Geologische Wissenschaften, Freie Univ. Berlin, Germany), HRSC Co-Investigator Team
32.12 Outcrops of clay rich crust in Mawrth Vallis, Mars, revealed by OMEGA and HRSC/MEX
D. Loizeau, N. Mangold (IDES-Orsay), F. Poulet, J.-P. Bibring, A. Gendrin, C. Gomez, Y. Langevin, B. Gondet (IAS-Orsay), V. Ansan, P. Masson (IDES-Orsay), G. Neukum (FU-Berlin), OMEGA Team, HRSC Team
32.13 Crater Lakes on Mars: Development of Quantitative Thermal and Geomorphic Models
C. Barnhart, E. Asphaug, S. Tulaczyk, E. Kraal (UCSC), J. Moore (NASA Ames)
32.14 Seasonal evolution of the Martian cryptic region: influence of the atmospheric opacity
G. Portyankina, W.J. Markiewicz (Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany), K.J. Kossacki (Institute of Geophysics of Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland)
32.15 An alternative explanation for recent volcanism on Mars
S. Schumacher (Institute of Planetology, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster, 48149 Muenster, Germany), D. Breuer (Institute of Planetary Research, German Aerospace Center (DLR), 12489 Berlin, Germany)
32.16 Analysis of low-wavenumber absorption features in TES spectra of small, localized deposits of Acidalia Planitia
E.Z. Noe Dobrea, M.C. Malin (Malin Space Science Systems)
32.17 Superoxide Radical Lifetime on the Martian Surface
A. P. Zent (NASA Ames), A. Ichimura (San Francisco State Uni.v), R. C. Quinn (SETI Institute)
32.18 Automated Analysis Of Absorption Features In Planetary Reflectance Spectra
S Erard, D Despan (Observatoire de Paris-LESIA)
32.19 Elastic Lithosphere Thickness and Heat Flux Estimates from Rift Valley Topography: Coracis Fossae, Mars
M. Grott, E. Hauber (DLR, Berlin), S.C. Werner (FU Berlin), P. Kronberg (TU Clausthal), G. Neukum (FU Berlin)
32.20 A comparison of mantle convection of Mars and Earth
U. Walzer, T. Burghardt, R. Hendel (University Jena)
32.21 Martian Crust: What is the Effect of the Gabbro-Eclogite Transition on the Crustal Gravitational Stability?
S. Ferrachat, M. Pauer, D. Breuer (Joint Planetary Interior Physics Research Group of the Univ. Münster and DLR, Berlin)
32.22 Simulation Studies of Evaporation of Water on Mars
J.D. Chittenden, D.W.G. Sears (W. M. Keck Laboratory for Space Simulation)
32.23 Aqueous Decomposition of Organic Compounds in the Atacama Desert and in Martian Soils
R.C. Quinn (SETI Institute/NASA Ames), P. Ehrenfreund (Leiden Institute of Chemistry), F.J. Grunthaner (NASA JPL), C.L. Taylor (SETI Institute), A.P. Zent (NASA Ames)
32.24 Hydrocode Modeling of Asteroid Impacts into a Volatile-Rich Martian Surface: Initial Results
C. S. Plesko (UCSC, LANL), E. Asphaug (UCSC), G. R. Gisler, M. L. Gittings (LANL)
32.25 The Martian Crater Size-Frequency Distribution and the Evolutionary History of Mars
S. C. Werner (Freie Universitaet Berlin), B. A. Ivanov (RAS - Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres, Moscow), G. Neukum (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
32.26 Observed Locations and Conditions for Aurora on Mars
D.A. Brain, J.S. Halekas, R.P. Lin, J.G. Luhmann, D.L. Mitchell, G.T. Delory, R.J. Lillis, M.O. Fillingim (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab), M.H. Acuna (NASA GSFC)
32.27 Observations of magnetic anomaly signatures in Mars Express ASPERA-3 ELS data
Y. S. Soobiah (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London, Surrey), Southwest Research Institute Team, Swedish Institute of Space Physics Team, Finnish Meteorological Institute Team, Space Physics Research Laboratory, University of Michigan Team, Space Science Laboratory, University of California in Berkeley Team, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University Team, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Team, Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements Team, Instituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetari Team, Max-Planck-Institut fur Aeronomie Team, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Team, Space Technology Ireland, National University of Ireland Team, University of Bern, Physikalisches Institut Team, Technical University of Braunschweig Team, University of Arizona, Tucson Team

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