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Session 115 JWST
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[115.16] TFI: The JWST Tunable Filter Imager

R. Doyon (U. Montreal), R. Hutchings (HIA), N. Rowlands, C. Evans, E. Greenberg, A. Scott (EMS technologies), R. Abraham (U. Toronto), L. Ferrarese (HIA), A. Fullerton (STScI), R. Jayawardhana (U. Toronto), D. Johnstone (HIA), M.R. Meyer (U. Arizona), J. Pipher (U. Rochester), M. Sawicki (UCSB)

The Fine Guidance Sensor instrument of the James Webb Space Telescope features a tunable filter imager (TFI) module covering the wavelength range from 1.5 to 5.0 \mum at a resolving power R=100 over a field of view of 2.2'x2.2'. TFI also features a set of 4 occulting spots for coronagraphy.

This paper presents the design of TFI and highlights two key TFI science programs: detection of first light, high-redshift Ly\alpha emitters and detection/characterization of exoplanets.

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