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Session 176 Radio - Loud AGN
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[176.04] Multi-frequency VLBI Study of the CSOs 0026+346 and 1321+410

A. O. Morris, J. M. Marr (Union College)

In a prior study it was shown (Marr, Taylor, & Crawford 2001) that the spectral turnover of the canonical CSO 0108+388 is due to non-uniform free-free absorption. In order to extend the method of this prior study to other CSOs, we obtained VLBI observations of the recently classified CSOs 0026+346 and 1321+410 (Taylor, Marr, Converse, & Morris, in preparation) in July 2004 at a range of frequencies above and below the spectral peak. We will present flux-density maps, spectral-index maps, and spectra at all positions in the sources' structures. We will report on the fits of free-free absorption and synchrotron self-absorption models to the spectra.

This research was supported by an award from the Research Corporation.

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