AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 115 JWST
Poster, Wednesday, 9:20am-6:30pm, January 11, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[115.14] The Microshutter Based Field Selector for the JWST Near Infrared Spectrometer

H. Moseley (NASA/GSFC), R. Arendt (SSAI/NASA/GSFC), R. A. Boucarut (NASA/GSFC), T. Hadjimichael (Swales NASA/GSFC), M. Jhabvala, T. King (NASA/GSFC), G. Kletetchka (Catholic University), A. S. Kutyrev (SSAI/NASA/GSFC), M. Li (NASA/GSFC), D. Rapchun (GST/NASA/GSFC), R.F. Silverberg, D. Sohl, L. Sparr (NASA/GSFC), Microshutter Team

A primary science goal of JWST is to characterize the epoch of initial galaxy formation, and to observe the universe as the first galaxies and clusters form. This program will be done using a combination of multi-band imaging and near infrared spectroscopic measurements of large numbers of faint galaxies. Since these objects are in general sparse on the sky, a multi object spectrometer is required to enable this critical scientific investigation. We have developed a microshutter array which is to be used as a high contrast, remotely programmable field selector for the Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRSpec) on JWST. This device allows slits to be opened at the locations of selected galaxies in the field of view, and blocks sources and background light from the rest of the field. The first flight design devices have been built and are in initial test. In this paper, we present a description of the microshutter, including its electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical design of the field selector system. We present test results of this first generation of devices, which will be used to demonstrate flight readiness during 2006. Devices of the same design will be delivered to ESA for installation into the NIRSpec instrument in 2008.

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