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Session 11 Binary Models and Parameters
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[11.07] Discovery of True Period and Solution of the Light Curve for V1898 Cygni

D.B. Caton, A.B. Smith (Appalachian State University)

V1898 Cyg was a new target on our ongoing program of monitoring eclipsing binary periods. When we tried to recover the eclipses after a long period of neglect by observers, we discovered that the published period of about 3 days was twice the correct period. A somewhat shallow secondary was found, possibly masked to previous observers by observational noise and/or scatter in the light curve due to outside-eclipse variations. In our solution of the light curve, using Binary Maker 3, we have found it necessary to add star spots to account for asymmetries, suggesting that it could be a short-period RS Cvn system. We present our solution and an analysis of period variations.

We acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation and the Dunham Fund for Astrophysical Research, who have provided funding to upgrade the 18-inch at Appalachian State's Dark Sky Observatory.

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