AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 145 Views of the Magellanic Clouds Across Wavelengths
Special Session, Wednesday, 10:00-11:30am, January 11, 2006, Maryland

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[145.04] Spitzer Observations of the Magellanic Clouds

A. D. Bolatto, S. Stanimirovic, A. K. Leroy, K. Sandstrom (U. C. Berkeley), J. D. Simon (Caltech), R. Shah, J. M. Jackson (Boston University), A. Li (U. of Missouri), L. Staveley-Smith (ATNF), F. P. Israel (Leiden Observatory), C. Bot (Strasbourg Observatory), F. Boulanger (IAS), J. van Loon (Keele University), M. Rubio (University of Chile)

I will briefly describe and discuss some of the first results of the Spitzer surveys of the Magellanic Clouds, focusing on the Spitzer imaging survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud, S3MC. This survey images the SMC in all Spitzer bands. With unprecedented resolution and sensitivity, these beautiful images reveal the complexity of the dust and PAH distribution and their relationship with star forming regions and molecular clouds. We have compiled a photometric catalog of approximately 400,000 mid IR point sources cross identified in the optical and near IR. One supernova remnant is apparent in our images, bright at 24 um perhaps due to a contribution from [OIV] line emission. We have used the FIR data to study the dust temperature distribution, emissivity, and dust-to-gas ratio in the SMC. Combination of the FIR and radio maps shows that the radio continuum-FIR correlation holds even on scales as small as 70 pc.

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