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Session 24 Suzaku and GLAST Instrumentation
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[24.08] Production, Calibration, and Environmental Testing of GLAST LAT CsI calorimeter Flight Modules

M. S. Strickman, J. E. Grove, W. N. Johnson (NRL), A. Chekhtman (GMU), D. A. Smith (CENBG, France), F. Piron, S. Guiriec (Univ. Montpellier II, France), P. Carlson (KTH, Sweden), GLAST LAT Collaboration

The GLAST Large Area Telescope (LAT) CsI calorimeter, which consists of 16 flight modules and 2 spare modules, was assembled in 2004-2005 by an international team from the USA, France and Sweden. Each module contains 96 CsI crystals supported by a carbon fiber composite structure and read out from both ends with silicon PIN photodiodes. Signals from the array of photodiodes are processed by custom analog ASICs and commercial ADCs. After assembly, each module underwent a full environmental test program – including electromagnetic interference and compatibility, vibration, and thermal-vacuum test – to flight-acceptance levels. The functional performance of each module was verified before and after each test, and calibration with cosmic muons and charge injection was performed throughout the test sequence. All 18 modules showed stable functioning over the few months of the assembly and test program. None of the 1728 crystals experienced mechanical or optical degradation. Integration of the calorimeter modules with the other detector and electronics subsystems into the complete Large Area Telescope began at SLAC in April 2005 and was completed in December 2005. This work is supported by NASA DPR S-15633-Y.

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