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Session 170 Cosmology, Early Universe, Cosmic Distance Scale
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[170.15] QUIET: Q U Imaging Experiment for Detection of the CMBR Polarization

L.B. Newburgh (Columbia University), UC, Berkeley Collaboration, Caltech Collaboration, Columbia U. Collaboration, GSFC Collaboration, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Collaboration, JPL Collaboration, Kavli Inst., U. Chicago Collaboration, Kavli Inst., Stanford U. Collaboration, U. Miami Collaboration, U. Oxford Collaboration, Princeton U. Collaboration

QUIET (Q and U Imaging ExperimenT) will make measurements of the E and B mode polarization spectrum of the cosmic microwave background radiation. QUIET will map the polarization foregrounds, make high-sensitive measurements of the E-mode polarization, and detect or set the most stringent limits on B-mode polarization (the signature of inflationary gravity waves) far beyond the capabilities of current experiments.

QUIET is made possible by a breakthrough in microwave circuit technology at JPL for producing small coherent polarimeters ("radiometers on a chip") which can be mass produced so that thousands of detectors can be used. We will use these coherent radiometers to make detector arrays to make sensitive measurements of the CMB polarization.

QUIET phase 1 plans to observe in two frequency bands, 90 GHz and 40 GHz, with 91 and 19 detectors respectively. QUIET will be operated at the Chajnantor Test Bed Facility at altitude 5080m in the Chilean Andes.

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