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Session 34 Information Services and Databases
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[34.06] The IRAF-Wiki: A Community Documentation Project

P.L. Gay (Harvard University Science Center)

It took a community to create IRAF and its many contributed and external packages. Now the community is invited to participate in a documentation project: the IRAF-Wiki. Wiki’s are an online interface to editable knowledge bases. Examples include Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Wikispeecies. The IRAF-Wiki is based on the free Meta-Wiki software and allows users to search entries, edit and update entries, and create entries. All changes can be undone, and the software keeps a detailed archive of all changes. The goal is to create an up-to-date documentation resource for all IRAF users.

The IRAF-wiki is intended as a community home for sharing tricks, tips, and information on the use of IRAF in astronomical applications. Current entries detail getting started, basic photometry using DAOphot, scripting, and more. You are invited to contribute your favorite scripts, tricks, and methodology. The IRAF-wiki can be found at http://www.iraf-wiki.org.

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