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Session 124 Cool Stars
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[124.03] Possible Identification of Old, Metal-Rich Moving Group: High Resolution Spectroscopy of Candidate Members

A. R. Daane, J. R. King (Clemson University)

Using new high-resolution spectroscopic observations from both the McDonald Observatory 2.7-m and Kitt Peak National Observatory 4-m, we observed four candidates of the Ursa Major (UMa) moving group previously suggested to instead belong to a significantly older kinematic assemblage. The iron abundances we measure strongly suggest that these stars are not UMa members, but form a more metal-rich group of stars. The high and similar metallicities support previous suggestions that these stars belong to a field kinematic structure with a uniform age. This work has been supported by a grant from the Curry Foundation and NSF awards AST-0086576 and AST-0239518.

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