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Session 111 Solar Activity
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[111.01] Multiwavelength VLA, SOHO and RHESSI Observations of Evolving Transequatorial Loops on the Sun

R.F. Willson, T. D. Groff (Tufts University)

Very Large Array (VLA) observations at 20 and 91 cm wavelength have been combined with data from the SOHO and RHESSI solar missions to study the evolution of trans-equatorial loops connecting active regions on the solar surface.The radio observations provide information about the acceleration and propagation of energetic electrons in the these large-scale coronal magnetic structures where energy release and transport takes place. On one day, a long-lasting Type I noise storm at 91 cm wavelength was seen to intensify and shift position above the northern-hemisphere region following an impulsive hard X-ray burst (RHESSI) in the southern footpoint region. VLA 20 cm observations as well as SOHO EIT EUV images showed northward-moving and evolving coronal emission across the solar equator during this period, suggesting that the that the trans-equatorial loop acted as a conduit for energetic particles or fields that may have triggered magnetic changes in the corona where the northern noise storm region was seen. Solar observations at Tufts University are supported by NASA Guest Investigator Grant NAG5-12844.

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