AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 180 Supernovae and Cosmology
Poster, Thursday, 9:20am-4:00pm, January 12, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[180.05] SDSS II Supernova Survey

B. Dilday (University of Chicago (UC)), J. Barentine (Apache Point Observatory (APO)), B. Bassett (University of Portsmouth (UP)), A. Becker (University of Washington), R. Bendar (University of Munich (UM)), M. Bremer (University of Bristol), H. Brewington (APO), F. DeJongh (Fermilab), J. Dembicky (APO), D. L. DePoy (Ohio State University (OSU)), M. Doi (University of Tokyo), A. Edge (University of Durham), E. Elson (South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO)), J. Frieman (Fermilab and UC), P. Garnavich (University of Notre Dame), A. Goobar (Stockholm University), T. Gueth (New Mexico State University (NMSU)), M. Harvanek (APO), J. Holtzman (NMSU), U. Hopp (UM), W. Kollatschny (Goettingen University), J. Krzesinski (APO), D. Lamenti (San Francisco State University), H. Lampeitl (Fermilab), R. Kessler (UC), B. Ketzeback (APO), K. Konishi (University of Tokyo), D. Long (APO), J. Marriner (Fermilab), J. L. Marshall (OSU), R. McMillan (APO), J. Mendez (University of Barcelona (UB)), G. Miknaitis (Fermilab), R. Nichol (UP), K. Pan (APO), J. L. Prieto (OSU), M. Richmond (Rochester Institute of Technology), A. Riess (Space Telescope Science Institute), R. Romani (Stanford University (SU)), K. Romer (University of Sussex), P. Ruiz-Lapuente (UB), M. Sako (SU), D. Schneider (Pennsylvania State University), M. Smith (UP), S. Snedden (APO), M. Subbarao (UC and Adler Planetarium), N. Takanashi (University of Tokyo), K. van der Heyden (SAAO), C. Wheeler (University of Texas), N. Yasuda (University of Tokyo)

As one of its core programs, the SDSS II is conducting a Supernova survey over 3 Fall seasons (2005-8) with the primary goal of obtaining well measured multi-band light curves of ~200 type Ia supernovae (SNe) for the study of cosmology and supernova systematics. The survey is conducted by repeat scanning of a ~300 square degree region (~150 square degrees every other night) with the SDSS 2.5 meter telescope. The SDSS will primarily measure SNe Ia in the redshift range z=0.05-0.35, a 'redshift desert' where relatively few SNe have been measured by previous searches. Follow-up spectroscopy and additional imaging is provided by a variety of telescopes, including the ARC, HET, Subaru, WHT, MDM, UH88, NMSU 1m, WIYN, VATT, and the INT. The Carnegie Supernova Project is carrying out NIR imaging on a subsample of the confirmed SNe. From early Sept. to mid-October (the time of submission of this abstract), 52 spectroscopically confirmed SNe Ia were found. We describe the SN survey and present highlights from the Fall 2005 campaign.

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