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Session 70 Cataclysmic Variables and Novae
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[70.08] The outer x-ray and radio jets in R Aquarii: evolution over five years

E. Kellogg, C. Anderson, J. DePasquale, K. Korreck, J. Nichols, J. Sokoloski (Harvard Smithsonian CfA), M. Krauss (Kavli Inst. MIT), J. Pedelty (NASA GSFC)

The symbiotic star R Aquarii has been known to emit collimated outflow in the form of jets for many years. We report on five years of observations in x-rays and radio using Chandra, VLA and XMM-Newton. We discuss the evolution of the outer thermal jets, including new observations performed in June and October 2005. We see motion of the NE x-ray jet at a projected velocity of about 600 km s-1. The SW x-ray jet has almost disappeared between 2000.7 and 2004.0. An XMM grating spectrum of the NE jet confirms the existence of O VII He-like lines, and offers the possibility of doing plasma density diagnostics. We comment on on the physics of cooling in the SW jet and implications for the density of the x-ray emitting gas, the heating mechanism, and mass and kinetic energy in the jets and its implications for the system as a whole. This work was supported by NASA and NSF.

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