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Session 115 JWST
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[115.07] JWST Mirror Building Paradigms at Tinsley, Part 2

T. Hull, J. Kincade, R. Garfield, W. Wolff, R. Bernier, K. Johnson, C. Kiikka, G. Cole, H. Wong, T. Peters (Tinsley), R.J. Brown, P. Lightsey, D. Chaney, B. Gallagher, J. Morris (BATC), A. McKay (NGST), D. Neal (WFSI), L. Cohen (SAO)

Tinsley, under subcontract to Ball Aerospace, will build 18 precise lightweight beryllium mirror segments that constitute the optical surface of the 6.5m primary mirror for JWST. Both a comprehensive plan, and a new facility, have been developed to address special requirements of these mirrors. We will illustrate the implementation at Tinsley to handle, measure and fabricate these mirrors. Novel test equipment, including an infrared Scanning Shack Hartmann Sensor (SSHS), will be described, and initial steps of the Engineering Development Unit (EDU) will be portrayed.

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