AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 70 Cataclysmic Variables and Novae
Poster, Tuesday, 9:20am-6:30pm, January 10, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[70.06] A Search for Superhumps in Possible SW Sextantis Stars

A.J. Carver (UW-Madison), A. Whiting (CTIO), L. Schmidtobreick (ESO)

As one of the 2005 CTIO REU research projects, we searched for permanent superhumps in two cataclysmic variable stars: AH Men and V393 Hya. AH Men (aka H 0551-819) and V393 Hya are novalike variables in the 3-4 hour period range and therefore likely members of the SW Sex population. There might be a connection between this population and systems showing superhumps resulting from high mass transfer and large discs. To test this idea we obtained images using the 0.9m Cassegrain telescope on Cerro Tololo in order to determine light curves of these stars by differential photometry. Approximately 4.25 orbital periods of AH Men were observed over two nights and 3 orbital periods of V393 Hya were observed over three nights. Superhumps were not observed in V393 Hya. Evidence for superhumps was observed in AH Men in agreement with previous observations. Power spectra of AH Men also qualitatively agree with the power spectra from past observations. The National Science Foundation supported this research with grant no. 0353843.

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