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Session 171 Supernovae
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[171.08] Comparative Direct Analysis of Type~Ia Supernova Spectra. II. Maximum Light

J. Parrent, D. Branch, L.C. Dang, N. Hall, W. Ketchum, M. Melakayil, M. Troxel, E. Baron, D. Jeffery (University of Oklahoma)

A comparative study of near--maximum--light optical spectra of 25 Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) is presented. The spectra are quantified in two ways, and assigned to four groups. Seven "core normal" SNe Ia have very similar spectra, except for strong high--velocity Ca II absorption in SN 2001el. Seven SNe Ia are assigned to a "broad--line" group, the most extreme of which, in this sample, is SN 1984A. Five SNe Ia, including SN 1991bg, are assigned to a "cool" group. Six SNe Ia, including SN 1991T, are assigned to a "shallow silicon" group. Comparisons with SYNOW synthetic spectra provide a basis for discussion of line identifications, and an internally consistent quantification of the maximum--light spectroscopic diversity among SNe Ia. The extent to which SN Ia maximum--light spectra appear to have a continuous distribution of properties, rather than consisting of discrete subtypes, is considered

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