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Session 111 Solar Activity
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[111.04] The Magnetic Activity of Solar-like Stars at Different Main-Sequence Ages

S.L. Lakatos (Villanova University), D. Nandy, P. Martens (Montana State University)

We report on a study of modeling stellar magnetic activity inferred through CaII H+K and ROSAT X-ray emission. The purpose of this project is to create a subset of stars with similar properties to the Sun, but with a wide range of ages (0.6 - 10 Gyrs); to study the CaII H+K emission data and decipher how the stars' emission changes with age; and to compare the X-ray activity to the CaII H+K activity. The ultimate goal of this project is to determine and use the relationships between the stellar parameters to understand the evolution of the magnetic dynamo from an younger Sun to an older Sun. This research is supported by a NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates grant ATM-0243923 and a NASA Living With a Star grant NNG05GE47G to Montana State University.

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