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Session 77 From Hot Jupiters to Hot Earths
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[77.01] A Search for an Atmospheric Signature of the Exoplanet HD 149026b

N. Bozorgnia, C. McCarthy, D.A. Fischer (SFSU)

A transiting Saturn-mass exoplanet orbiting HD 149026 was recently discovered by the N2K consortium (Sato et. al, 2005). The transit depth of this planet is only 0.003 mag because of the small ratio of the planet-to-star radius. The planet mass is similar to Saturn in our solar system, and interior models suggest a planet core of about 70 Earth masses. The host star is bright, a V=8.15 subgiant, and the temperature at the top of the planet atmosphere is about 1500K. Spectra already obtained in and out of transit exhibit the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect and may provide an opportunity to observe the atmosphere of the planet.

We are using spectra of HD 149026 already obtained at Keck, to search for residuals between coadded spectra in and out of transit. Our initial analysis of the potassium line is now being extended to additional wavelengths. Telluric lines and the portion of the spectrum containing iodine have been excluded in our analysis. If any particular element exists in the atmosphere of the planet, we expect to see a deeper absorption line for that element when the planet is in transit.

We acknowledge support from NASA, grant number NNG056G164G to DF.

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