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Session 181 Probing the Galactic Center
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[181.15] On the X-ray reflected spectra from accretion disk models

J. A. Garcia (NASA-GSFC, LHEA, and IACS, Catholic University of America), T. R. Kallman (NASA-GSFC, LHEA, Code 661), S. Nayakshin (Leicester University, UK)

The spectrum resulting from X-ray reflection and reprocessing by an optically thick accretion disk around a compact object depends on the disk gravity, X-ray intensity, geometry, and element abundances. The understanding of this process has progressed from early studies of pure reflection in constant density slabs, to studies of partially ionized disks in which absorption and thermal reemission play a role, to reflection and reprocessing in hydrostatic disk atmospheres. In this paper we present models which include more recent and complete atomic data for K-shell of the iron isonuclear sequence than has previously been considered. We examine the effect on the spectrum of fluorescent K \alpha line emission and absorption in the emitted spectrum. We also explore the dependence of the spectrum on the strength of the incident X-rays and other input parameters, and discuss the importance of Comptonization on the emitted spectrum.

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