AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 202 Galaxies and their Components
Oral, Thursday, 2:00-3:30pm, January 12, 2006, Virginia

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[202.04] Density Profiles of Dark Matter Halos from Two Dimensional Velocity Fields of LSB Galaxies

R. Kuzio de Naray, S.S. McGaugh (Univ. of Maryland), W.J.G. de Blok (RSAA-MSO), A. Bosma (Obs. de Marseille)

We present well-resolved two dimensional velocity fields and the derived rotation curves of the cores of a sample of low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies. The velocity fields have been obtained using the DensePak Integrated Field Unit on the WIYN telescope. These observations are designed to determine the dark matter distribution in the galaxy halos and to test the basic tenant of cold dark matter structure formation that galaxy mass halos should be cuspy. Two dimensional velocity fields address the possible systematic effects in previous longslit and H{\sc i} observations. They are also used to look for the characteristic signature of the NFW halo. We find that in most cases, the data are fit better by the pseudo-isothermal halo than the NFW halo, as the concentrations from the NFW fits are lower than would be expected for \LambdaCDM. This research was supported by NSF grant AST0206078.

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