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[73.08] SNAP Telescope

M. Lampton, M. Sholl (UCB SSL), SNAP Collaboration

To probe theoretical models of dark energy and predictions of the expansion of the universe, observational techniques are needed that offer reduced random and systematic errors. The SuperNova Acceleration Probe (SNAP) is a spaceborne observatory to study dark energy using type Ia supernovae and gravitational weak lensing. We have baselined a two-meter-class all-reflecting telescope of the annular-field three mirror anastigmat type (Korsch 1977). The benefits of this configuration are its large flat diffraction-limited field of view (1.6 degrees = 620mm diameter) and its compact overall dimensions. A recent thermomechanical study showed that point spread function variability will not be a significant limitation to weak lensing shear determination. Two industry studies are under way to develop plans for telescope fabrication and test to help guide the planning for the SNAP mission.

We gratefully acknowledge the support by the Office of Science, U.S Department of Energy, contract DE-AC03-76SF00098.

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