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Session 122 Variable Stars
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[122.02] Observing Multimode RR Lyrae Stars with the Michigan State University Campus Observatory

H.A. Smith, L.E. Oaster (Michigan State University), K. Kinemuchi (University of Wyoming), K. Kolenberg (Vienna University)

Two types of multi-periodic RR Lyrae stars are known. Double-mode RR Lyrae stars pulsate simultaneously in the first overtone and fundamental radial modes. RR Lyrae stars that show the Blazhko effect are less well understood. They have secondary periods of tens to hundreds of days, which may be produced by the excitation of a nonradial mode in addition to the dominant radial pulsation mode. The 60-cm telescope of the Michigan State University campus observatory is being used to obtain CCD photometry of several multi-periodic RR Lyrae stars. Results are shown for a recently discovered double-mode RR Lyrae and for the star RR Lyrae itself, which now shows a 39 day Blazhko effect. The campus observatory was recently renovated with a PREST grant provided by the National Science Foundation, which will facilitate future work with this instrument. Observers outside Michigan State University who are interested in making use of this facility should contact the first author.

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