AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
Session 10 Circumstellar Disks II
Poster, Monday, 9:20am-7:00pm, January 9, 2006, Exhibit Hall

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[10.12] HST ACS Coronagraphic Imaging of Debris Disks

J. Krist (JPL), D. Ardila (SSC / IPAC), D. Golimowski (JHU), M. Clampin (NASA / GSFC), K. Stapelfeldt (JPL), H. Ford (JHU), G. Illingworth (UC Santa Cruz), C. Chen (NOAO), M. Werner (JPL), ACS Science Team

The HST/ACS coronagraph currently provides the best resolution and highest contrast imaging of disks around stars at visible wavelengths. The ACS Science Team has used it to observe six previously-known and new debris disks around stars spanning A through M spectral types. Most show structure (warps, central clearings, clumps) that strongly suggests the presence of planetary-mass companions. Their colors relative to stars also vary from blue to red, indicating a variety of grain properties among the disks. We have also observed a number of stars with suspected disks, based on IRAS and Spitzer excesses, that were not detected, either because they are too faint or may be small and are hidden by the coronagraph's occulter.

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