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Session 29 Observation Processing, Calibration and Control
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[29.04] A Comparison of several commonly available software systems for aperture photometry with applications to photometry of blazars

T. G. Graves, G. G. Spear, K. McLin, P. C. Plait, L. R. Cominsky (Sonoma State University), GLAST Education and Public Outreach Team

We have compared aperture photometry results for the commonly available software systems MaximDL, AIP4WIN, and IRAF. The comparison has utilized a sequence of images of the field surrounding the blazar BL Lac. Although a photometric sequence with standard magnitudes and colors is available in this field, we have concentrated on instrumental magnitudes. Our comparison consists of magnitude differences for a selection of stars in the field. We have considered single comparison and check stars as well as multiple comparison stars. We have also rigorously evaluated measurement errors. Our comparison has also considered a synthetic image of five noise-free stars. Our conclusions will consist of recommendations for procedures to derive magnitudes and error estimates for applications involving photometry of variable sources. All of our images and results will be available for downloading for instructional applications and for further comparisons. This work is supported by NASA’s GLAST Education and Public Outreach Group.

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