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Session 177 Galaxy Clusters across the Spectrum
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[177.10] Ultraviolet and X-ray Properties of Galaxies in the Coma Cluster

D. Hammer (JHU), A. Hornschemeier (GSFC), B. Mobasher (STScI), F. Bauer (U. Cambridge, PSU), D. Alexander (U. Cambridge), M. Bautz (MIT)

We have conducted a study of galaxies in Coma using archival ultraviolet (UV) and X-ray data from the XMM-Newton Optical Monitor (OM), Chandra ACIS, and XMM EPIC cameras. We find that the near ultraviolet/optical classification that has been demonstrated as a good indicator of star formation history in field galaxies may be similarly used in cluster galaxies. This bodes well for current and upcoming GALEX cluster surveys that will identify large numbers of UV-emitting galaxies because the XMM OM UVW2 filter overlaps directly in wavelength with the GALEX NUV filter. We also present results on the X-ray properties of Coma members, many of which have low X-ray/optical flux ratios typical of quiescent (non-AGN) galaxies in the nearby Universe.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of Chandra X-ray Center grant G05-5089X.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: hammerd@pha.jhu.edu

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