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[111.11] Component Radiometric Calibrations of the EUV Normal-Incidence Spectrograph (EUNIS)

R. J. Thomas, D. M. Rabin (NASA/GSFC)

The EUV Normal-Incidence Spectrograph (EUNIS) is a sounding rocket experiment that will investigate the energetics of the solar corona and hotter transition region through high-resolution imaging spectroscopy with a rapid (2 s) cadence. EUNIS features independent optical systems to record spatially co-aligned spectra simultaneously over its two bandpasses of 170--205 and 300--370~Å. All the components in the detection chain have been characterized, including multilayer telescope mirrors, lithographic slits, multilayer diffraction gratings, microchannel-plate intensifiers, and active-pixel sensors. The results demonstrate that EUNIS is the most sensitive solar EUV spectrograph in existence. Its first flight is scheduled for 2005 November. EUNIS is supported by NASA RTOP 432-03-31.

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