AAS 207th Meeting, 8-12 January 2006
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 114. Massive Binaries

Poster, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

114.01 Candidate Massive Binaries in Cygnus OB2
S. Irwin (Univbersity of Texas), D. Kiminki, K. Kinemuchi, H.A. Kobulnicky, M. Pierce, A. Monson (University of Wyoming)
114.02 A Search for Quiet Massive X-ray Binaries
M. V. McSwain (Yale University), T. S. Boyajian, E. Grundstrom, D. R. Gies (Georgia State University)
114.03 Global X-ray Spectral Variation of Eta Carinae through the 2003 X-ray Minimum
K. Hamaguchi, M. F. Corcoran (NASA's GSFC and USRA), N. E. White, T. Gull (NASA's GSFC), A. Damineli (IAGUSP), K. Davidson (University of Minnesota)
114.04 Dynamics of the Shocked Gas in the Eta Carinae System as Seen by Chandra
M. F. Corcoran, K. Hamaguchi (USRA & NASA-GSFC/XAL), D. B. Henley (University of Birmingham), K. Ishibashi (MIT), T. Gull (NASA/GSFC), K. Nielsen (CUA & GSFC), J. M. Pittard (Leeds)
114.05 The Character and Variability of the Eta Carinae Wind Lines
K. E. Nielsen (CUA & NASA/GSFC), M. F. Corcoran (USRA & NASA/GSFC), T. R. Gull (NASA/GSFC), S. Ivarsson (CUA & NASA/GSFC), J. D. Hillier (Univ. of Pittsburg)
114.06 The 3D Structure of Eta Carinae's Nebula: A Definitive Picture from High-Dispersion Near-IR Spectra
N. Smith (U. Colorado)
114.07 Eta Carinae: Orientation of The Orbital Plane
T.R. Gull (NASA/GSFC/EUD), K. E. Nielsen, S. Ivarsson (CUA & NASA/GSFC/EUD), M.F. Corcoran (USRA & NASA/GSFC/EUD), E. Verner (UDC, CUA & NASA/GSFC/EUD), J.D. Hillier (U. Pittsburgh)
114.08 NUV Spectroscopic Studies of Eta Car's Weigelt D across the 2003.5 MInimum
S. Ivarsson, K.E. Nielsen (CUA & GSFC), T.R. Gull (GSFC), J.D. Hillier (U. Pittsburgh)
114.09 Elemental and Molecular Relative Abundances in the Ejecta of Eta Carinae
G.V. Kober (SSAI & GSFC/NASA/EUD), T.R. Gull (GSFC/NASA/EUD), K. Nielsen, F. Bruhweiler (CUA & GSFC/NASA/EUD), K. Verner (UDC & CUA & GSFC/NASA/EUD), O. Stahl (U. Heidelberg), K. Weis, D. Bomans (U. Bochum)
114.10 Physical Conditions of Eta Car Complex Environment Revealed From Photoionization Modeling
E. M. Verner (UDC/CUA and GSFC/NASA), F. Bruhweiler, K. E. Nielsen (CUA and GSFC/NASA), T. Gull (GSFC/NASA), G. Vieira Kober (SSA/GSFC/NASA), M. Corcoran (USRA/GSFC/NASA)
114.11 The Strings of Eta Carina: The HST/STIS Spectra and [Ca II]
M.B Melendez (IACS/CUA), T.R Gull (NASA/GSFC), M.A Bautista (IVIC), N.R Badnell (University of Strathclyde, UK)
114.12 Long-term Photometry of Eta Carinae
S. R. Aggarwal (Haverford College, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory), N. Suntzeff, A. Whiting (Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory)

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