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Session 109 - Novae & Cataclysmic Variables.
Display session, Saturday, January 10
Exhibit Hall,

[109.09] HST/GHRS Observations of two Dwarf Novae

C. Knigge, K. S. Long (STScI), Y. -K. Ko (U. Michigan), T. R. Kallman (GSFC)

We have used the GHRS onboard HST to carry out ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy of the dwarf novae SS Cyg and WX Hyi. Both targets were observed twice in outburst and once in quiescence between August and November of 1996. We will present a preliminary analysis of these UV spectra, focusing particularly on those obtained in the quiescent states. These contain no obvious white dwarf (WD) absorption features, suggesting that other sources of continuum and/or line emission contribute significantly to the UV light from these systems even in quiescence. In our analysis of the data, we will therefore rely not only on WD model atmospheres, but will also explore the possibility that the observed spectra may arise from the accretion disks in these objects. Both optically thick and optically thin, x-ray irradiated disk models will be considered in this context.

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