AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 11. Observatories, Telescopes and Instruments

Display, Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

11.01 Update on Dark Sky Preservation
D. L. Crawford (Kitt Peak National Observatory)
11.02 Optical/Infrared Site Survey in the High Atacama Desert
R. Giovanelli, J. Darling (Cornell), M. Sarazin (ESO), S. Eikenberry (Cornell), W. Hoffman, M. Swain, J. Yu (Cornell), P. M. Harvey (Texas), A. Otarola (ESO), G. Valladares (NRAO)
11.03 A Central Texas Sun Dagger
R.R. Robbins (University of Texas as Austin)
11.04 Daytime Polar Alignment of Telescope Mountings Using GPS and Internal Reference Optics
R. R. Mellon, D. Scheld (Equinox Interscience Inc.), R. E. Stencel (Univ. Denver Observatories)
11.05 Reducing Scattered Light in CCD Images at the CTIO 0.9m Telescope
D. Barnaby (Ctr for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica), B. J. Rauscher (Univ of Durham)
11.06 New Tackle For Old Telescopes - Modernizing Telescope Control
W.J. Spiesman, R.L. Ricklefs, M.W. Blackley, M.E. Cornell, E.W. Green, J.F. Harvey, P.W. Kelton, A.L. Mitchell, P.S. Odoms, M.H. Ward (McDonald Obs.)
11.07 CoolSpec: A Near-IR Spectrograph for McDonald Observatory
D. Lester, G. J. Hill (McDonald Obs., U. Texas), G. Doppmann, C. Froning, P. M. Harvey (U. Texas)
11.08 The UK 3.8m Infrared Telescope (UKIRT): from Light Bucket to the Diffraction Limit
T.G. Hawarden (JAC Hilo Hawaii), D.G. Pettie (UK Astronomy Technology Centre Edinburgh Scotland), C.P. Cavedoni (Gemini Telescopes Hilo Hawaii)
11.09 A Wide-Field Camera for 1-2.5\mum Imaging at the 2.3 and 6.5m Telescopes
D. W. McCarthy (UAZ), J. Ge (LLNL), J. L. Hinz, R. A. Finn, F. J. Low (UAZ), M. Cheselka (NOAO), K. Salvestrini (IRLaboratories)
11.10 Testing Photometric Accuracy of the Spartan IR Camera
E-M Irrgang (Michigan State University)
11.11 A Comparison of Three Methods of Photographic Plate Photometry
V. Strelnitski (Maria Mitchell Obs.), C. Springob (U. of Minnesota \& Maria Mitchell Obs.), F. Tam (Stanford U. \& Maria Mitchell Obs.)
11.12 TES Spectrophotometers: First Astronomical Observations and Future Potential
R.W. Romani, B. Cabrera, E. Figueroa, A.J. Miller, S. W. Nam (Stanford Univ.)
11.13 A Low-Resolution Spectrograph for Small Telescopes and CCDs
T. F. Ramseyer, B. Ledden, N. Gaiser (Univ. of Central Arkansas)
11.14 Recent results and advances with Georgia State University's Multiple Telescope Telescope
R. L. Riddle (Georgia State University), D. J. Barry (Independent Researcher), W. G. Bagnuolo (Georgia State University)
11.15 Predicting Angular Sizes of Stars
G.T. van Belle (JPL)
11.16 Calibrator Target Project for the Palomar Testbed Interferometer
M. J. Creech-Eakman, B. F. Lane (Caltech, GPS, Pasadena, CA), G. T. van Belle (JPL, Caltech, Pasadena, CA), PTI Collaboration
11.17 From Big Ear to ARGUS
Philip E. Barnhart (Ohio State University Radio Observatory; NAAPO)
11.18 Dealing with the RFI Environment at Arecibo Observatory
J. Eder, T. Ghosh (NAIC), D. D. Kocevski (NAIC-UMich)
11.19 A 345~GHz Array Receiver for HHT
A. Hungerford, C. K. Walker, C. E. Groppi (Steward Observatory)
11.20 ``Tools for Astrometry": A Windows-based Research Tool for Asteroid Discovery and Measurement
G. A. Snyder, L. A. Marschall, R. F. Good, M. B. Hayden, P. R. Cooper (Gettysburg College)
11.21 Analysis of Spectral Line Data Cubes with IDL
A. M. Johnson (University of Virginia), J. G. Mangum (NRAO)
11.22 A recalibration of IUE NEWSIPS low dispersion data
D. Massa (Raytheon STX), E. L. Fitzpatrick (Villanova University)

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