AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 49. Galaxy Evolution

Oral, Thursday, January 7, 1999, 10:00-11:00am, Ballroom B

49.01 NICMOS Observations of the Hubble Deep Field
R.I. Thompson (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona.)
49.02 The NICMOS GRISM Parallel Survey: H Alpha Emission-Line Galaxies at 0.7 < z < 1.9
P. J. McCarthy, R. J. Weymann, L. Yan (OCIW), W. Freudling (ESO), M. A. Malkan (UCLA), H. I. Teplitz, E. M. Malumuth, J. P. Gardner (NASA/GSFC), R. Thomspon (Arizona), R. E. Williams (STScI)
49.03 Internal Kinematics of CFRS galaxies to z=0.7
G. Mallen-Ornelas (Univ. of Toronto)
49.04 Radio Emission from Distant Field Galaxies as a Tracer of Starburst Activity
E. A. Richards (NRAO/UVa)
49.05 The Gaseous Phases of Galaxies Following the Epoch of Star Formation
C.W. Churchill, J.C. Charlton, R.R. Mellon, D.P. Schneider (Penn State), B.T. Jannuzi (NOAO), S. Kirhakos (IAS), C.C. Steidel (Caltech)
49.06 Cosmic Histories of Star Formation, Gas Evolution, and Chemical Enrichment in Galaxies
Y.C. Pei, S.M. Fall, M.G. Hauser (STScI)
49.07 MMA Imaging of Galaxy Evolution
R. L. Brown (NRAO)

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