AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 7. Nearby AGN II - Ionised Gas, Kinematics and Radiojets

Display, Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

7.01 STIS Kinematic Mapping of the Narrow Line Region of NGC4151
M. E. Kaiser (The Johns Hopkins University), L. D. Bradley, II (JHU), J. B. Hutchings (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory), D. M. Crenshaw (Catholic University of America), T. R. Gull (NASA/GSFC), S. B. Kraemer (CUA), C. H. Nelson (UNLV), J. Ruiz (CUA), D. Weistrop (UNLV)
7.02 Kinematics in the Nuclear Region of M51
L. D. Bradley II, M. E. Kaiser (The Johns Hopkins University), D. M. Crenshaw (Catholic University of America)
7.03 High Signal to Noise Optical Spectropolarimetry of Seyfert 1 Galaxies MCG--6-30-15 and Fairall 51
K. M. Leighly, L. E. Kay, J. P. Halpern (Columbia University), A. M. Magalh\~aes (IAGUSP)
7.04 Radio Variability of the Active Nucleus of M81
R.A. Sramek (NRAO/VLA), L.C. Ho (Carnegie Obs.), S.D. Van Dyk (IPAC), G.G. Pooley (Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory), K. W. Weiler (Naval Research Laboratory)
7.05 X-ray Spectral and Temporal Variability of an Illuminated Clumpy Disk around a Black Hole
P. J. Wiita, G. Bao (Georgia St. U.)
7.06 Physical Conditions in the Emission-Line Gas in the Least Luminous Seyfert 1 Galaxy, NGC 4395
S.B. Kraemer (CUA/GSFC), L.C. Ho (Carnegie Observatories), D.M. Crenshaw (CUA/GSFC), A. V. Filippenko (Univ. of California, Berkeley), J.C. Shields (Univ. of Ohio)
7.07 UV Spectral Distribution in Low Luminosity Active Galaxies
H. Calvani (JHU), A. Koratkar (STScI), S. Deustua (LBNL), I. Evans (SAO), A. V. Filippenko (UC Berkeley), T. Heckman (JHU), L. Ho (CfA)
7.08 The Optical-Near-IR Spectrum of the M87 Jet from HST Observations
E. S. Perlman, J. A. Biretta, W. B. Sparks, F. D. Macchetto (STScI)
7.09 HST Observations of Superluminal Motion in the M87 Jet
J. A. Biretta, E. S. Perlman, W. B. Sparks, F. D. Macchetto (STScI)
7.10 Bow-shock Associated with the Active Jet in NGC 4258
G. Cecil (SOAR-NOAO/UNC-Chapel Hill), C. G. De Pree (Agnes Scott College), L. J. Greenhill, J. M. Moran (CfA), M. A. Dopita (Australian National University)
7.11 Ionization/Excitation Conditions in the EELG of Radio Galaxies
S. M. Simkin, B. I. Grimberg (Michigan State University)

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