AAS Meeting #193 - Austin, Texas, January 1999
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Session 71. Molecular Clouds

Display, Friday, January 8, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall 1

71.01 VLBI Observations of Methanol Masers at 95 GHz
C.J. Lonsdale, S.S. Doeleman (MIT Haystack Obs.), S. Liechti (Centro Astr. de Yebes, Spain), V.I. Slysh (Astro. Space Ctr., Russia), J. Alcolea, V. Bujarrabal, F. Colomer (Centro Astr. de Yebes, Spain), V.V. Goluber (Moscow State U.), S.V. Kalenski (Astro. Space Ctr., Russia), R.B. Phillips, P. Pratap (MIT Haystack Obs.), C.R. Predmore (FCRAO), I.E. Val'tts (Astro. Space Ctr., Russia), P. deVicente (Centro Astr. de Yebes, Spain)
71.02 An Inventory of Infrared Absorption Features and the Solid Water Abundance towards Embedded Protostar W33 A
E. L. Gibb, P. A. Gerakines, D. C. B. Whittet (RPI)
71.03 Extinction Associated with the Ultracompact HII Region, S88B
J.A. Goetz (U. Rochester), E.M. Howard (2MASS/Amherst), J.L. Pipher, W.J. Forrest (U. Rochester)
71.04 Gravitational Instability in a Cold Magnetized Molecular Cloud with Ambipolar Drift
R. Indebetouw, E.G. Zweibel (JILA, U. Colorado)
71.05 The Density and Structure of CS Emission in the Milky Way Plane
B.A. Biller (Swarthmore College), T.T. Helfer (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
71.06 Statistical Properties of Turbulence Probed by Water Vapor Masers in Five Galactic Sources
S. Gezari (Brown Univ. \& Maria Mitchell Obs.), M.J. Reid (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), V. Strelnitski (Maria Mitchell Obs.)
71.07 Detection and Evolution of Complex Hydrocarbons in TMC
T. Velusamy, W.D. Langer (JPL(Caltech))
71.08 Submillimeter Observations of Protostars: High Excitation Transition studies of DCO+ and DCN
R.Y. Shah (University of Virginia \& NRAO), H.A. Wootten (NRAO)
71.09 An HCO+ Survey of Starless Cores
E. M. Gregersen (Caltech), N. J. Evans (UT-Austin)
71.10 A Search for Southern Hot Cores
S. DeDeo (Aricebo Observatory and CfA), P. Hofner (University of Puerto Rico and Aricebo Observatory), S. Kurtz (UNAM), L. Bronfman (Universidad de Chile)
71.11 Near-Infrared Extinction Properties of the Rosette Molecular Cloud
D. R. Ciardi, E. A. Lada, R. L. Phelps (University of Florida)
71.12 Stable, Self-Gravitating, Nonaxisymmetric 3D Polytropes with Nontrivial Internal Flows
J.E. Cazes, J.E. Tohline (LSU)
71.13 SiO Masers, Water Masers, and Outflow in the W51-IRS2 star-forming region
J. A. Eisner (Harvard University), J. R. Herrnstein (NRAO), L. J. Greenhill (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), K. M. Menten (MPIfR)
71.14 The Near-IR Structure of OMC-1
A.S.B Schultz, E.F Erickson, S.W.J. Colgan (NASA-Ames), M.J. Kaufman (San Jos\'e State), C.R. O'Dell (Rice U.), D. J. Hollenbach (NASA-Ames), E.T. Young (U. Arizona)
71.15 Clouds as Turbulent Density Fluctuations. Tests and Implications
E. Vazquez-Semadeni (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM), J. Ballesteros-Paredes (Inst. de Astronomia, UNAM, and Harvard-Smithsonian CFA), J. M. Scalo (U. Texas at Austin)
71.16 Abundances of H2, H3+ & CO in Molecular Clouds
C.A. Kulesa (Steward Observatory), J.H. Black (Onsala Space Observatory), C.K. Walker (Steward Observatory)
71.17 Submillimeter Maps of Bok Globule Cores: Evidence for Single and Multiple Epoch Star Formation
T. Huard, D. A. Weintraub (Vanderbilt U.), G. Sandell (Joint Astronomy Centre)
71.18 Blue Line Asymmetries without Gravitational Collapse
J. H. Lacy, J. M. Scalo, M. J. Richter (University of Texas)
71.19 Continuum Mapping of Low Mass Star Forming Cores using SCUBA
Y. L. Shirley, N. J. Evans (U. Texas at Austin), J. M. C. Rawlings (Univ. College London), E. M. Gregersen (Caltech)
71.20 ``Coherent Cores" as the Sites of Turbulent Stream Collisions
J. Ballesteros-Paredes (Inst. de Astronomia, U. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico \& Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), E. Vazquez-Semadeni (Inst. de Astronomia, U. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)

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