AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
Session 48. Black Holes Near and Far
Display, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 10:00am-7:00pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

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[48.02] Microquasar Monitoring with the GBI

E.B. Waltman (NRL), F.D. Ghigo, R.M. Hjellming (NRAO), K.J. Johnston (USNO)

Monitoring of the X-ray binaries GRS 1915+105, Cygnus X-3 (2030+407), LSI +61\circ 303 (0236+610), and SS 433 (1909+048) at 2 and 8 GHz with the Green Bank Interferometer (GBI) is available on the website of the GBI. In addition to the 1997-1999 fluxes which have been available as public domain data, the archival data on these sources prior to 1996 are now included in the archives directory on the GBI website. The GBI is a facility of the NSF, operated by the NRAO with support for the Monitoring Program provided by the US Naval Observatory, the Naval Research Laboratory, and NASA, which should be acknowledged with the requested funding credit statement.

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