AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
Session 24. SNRs and the Energetics of ISM
Oral, Monday, May 31, 1999, 10:00-11:30am, Waldorf

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[24.06] Simultaneous RXTE/OSSE Measurements of the Diffuse X-ray/\gamma-ray Radiation from the Galactic Plane

A. Valinia (NASA/GSFC), R.L. Kinzer (NRL), F.E. Marshall (NASA/GSFC)

We present the first simultaneous RXTE/OSSE measurements of the diffuse X-ray/\gamma-ray radiation from the Galactic plane near the Scutum arm region. The contribution of discrete hard X-ray sources detected by RXTE has been determined and subtracted from the hard X-ray/soft \gamma-ray spectrum obtained by OSSE. As a result the least contaminated spectrum of the diffuse emission has been obtained. The spectrum in the 3-500~keV enrgy band is best fitted with a thermal component plus an exponentially cut off power law model which dominates above 10 keV. We discuss the origin of the emission in terms of both unresolved discrete sources and diffuse radiation processes.

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