AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 103. Instrumentation, Simulation Databases and Astronomical Organizations

Oral, Thursday, June 3, 1999, 2:00-3:30pm, Waldorf

103.01 Hale: A Far-infrared Polarimeter for SOFIA
G. Novak (Northwestern U.), J.A. Davidson (USRA), M. Dragovan, R.H. Hildebrand (U. of Chicago)
103.02 A New Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrograph for the Palomar 200-inch Telescope
T. W. Murphy, B. T. Soifer, K. Matthews, G. Neugebauer (Caltech)
103.03 Initial Results from the USA Experiment on ARGOS
K.S. Wood, G. Fritz, P.L. Hertz, W.N. Johnson, M.N. Lovellette, P.S. Ray, M.T. Wolff (NRL), R. Bandyopadhyay (NRC/NRL), E.D. Bloom, C. Chaput, G. Godfrey, P. Saz Parkinson, G. Shabad (SLAC), P. Michelson, M. Roberts (Stanford), D.A. Leahy (Calgary), L. Cominsky (Sonoma State), J. Scargle (NASA Ames), J. Beall (SJC), D. Chakrabarty (MIT), Y. Kim (Saddleback College)
103.04 Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First tests of the automated spectroscopic pipeline
S. Burles, J. Loveday, M. Subbarao, J. A. Frieman (Chicago), F. J. Castander (Toulouse), A. Merrelli, M. Newcomb, A. Pope, B. Nichol (Carnegie Mellon), SDSS Collaboration
103.05 ADS in a Nutshell
M. Demleitner, G. Eichhorn, C.S. Grant, A. Accomazzi, S.S. Murray, M.J. Kurtz (SAO)
103.06 Characteristics of Astronomy-Related Organizations
A. Heck (Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory)
103.07 The NSO Solar Adaptive Optics Program: First Results.
T.R. Rimmele (National Solar Observatory), R.R. Radick (Air Force Research Laboratory), K. Richards, R.B. Dunn (National Solar Observatory)
103.08 The Long Wavelength Array: Imaging Solar Bursts and CMEs
N. Gopalswamy (NASA/GSFC and Catholic U.), T. J. W. Lazio, N. E. Kassim (Naval Research Laboratory), W. C. Erickson (U. Maryland)
103.09 An Experiment for Simulated Detection of Earth-Size Planetary Transits
D. Koch, W. Borucki (NASA Ames Research Center), E. Dunham (Lowell Observatory), J. Jenkins (SETI Institute), F. Witteborn (Orbital Sciences)

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