AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 104. Stellar Atmospheres and Variability

Oral, Thursday, June 3, 1999, 2:00-3:30pm, Marquette

104.01 Examining the Pulsation Properties of Subdwarf B Stars
M.D. Reed, S.D. Kawaler, S.J. Kleinman (Iowa State University)
104.02 Reflections on Scattered Light: Monte Carlo Modeling of the Flux and Polarization Curves of \beta Lyrae
J.L. Hoffman (Univ. Wisconsin), B.A. Whitney (Prism Computational Sciences), K.H. Nordsieck (Univ. Wisconsin)
104.03D Dynamic and Static Conditions in the Atmospheres of Luminous Blue Variables
Th. G\"ang, B. Wolf (LSW), C. Leitherer (STScI)
104.04 SS Lac Revisited
E. F. Milone (RAO, Univ. of Calgary), S. J. Schiller (South Dakota State Univ.), U. Munari (Oss. Astro. Padova), J. Kallrath (BASF \& Univ. Bonn)
104.05 Jet and wind environment of Cyg X-3
R.N. Ogley (SAp, CEA-Saclay), S.J. Bell Burnell (The Open University / Princeton University), R.P. Fender (University of Amsterdam), G.G. Pooley (Cambridge University), E.B. Waltman (Naval Research Laboratory), M. van der Klis (University of Amsterdam)
104.06 The R Aquarii Jet: A Lorentz Force Driven Parcel Model
T. Koupelis (Univ. of Wisconsin - Marathon), J. M. Hollis (NASA/GSFC)
104.07 Analysis of Sources Common to the IRAS and HIPPARCOS Surveys
Z. Ivezic (Princeton University), T.G. Knauer (University of Kentucky), G.R. Knapp (Princeton University)

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