AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 17. Coronal Mass Ejections

Display, Monday, May 31, 1999, 9:20am-6:30pm, Southeast Exhibit Hall

17.01 SOHO Observations of a Helical Coronal Mass Ejection
J.C. Raymond (CfA), A. Ciaravella (Palermo), A. van Ballegooijen (CfA), B. Thompson (GSFC)
17.02 Measuring Coronal Mass Ejection Masses from the Low through the Outer Corona
J.T. Burkepile (High Altitude Observatory/NCAR), F. Bagenal (U. Colorado, Boulder), J.A. Darnell, D. Elmore, T. Holzer, A.J. Hundhausen, A.L. Stanger (High Altitude Observatory/NCAR)
17.03 The Characteristics and Geoeffectiveness of SOHO--LASCO Halo CMEs
D. F. Webb (ISR, Boston College), O. C. St. Cyr (CPI, Naval Research Laboratory), S. P. Plunkett (USRA, Naval Research Laboratory), R. A. Howard (Naval Research Laboratory), B. J. Thompson (SAC, NASA/GSFC)
17.04 A Microwave Study of Coronal Ejecta
M. R. Kundu, A. Nindos (U. of Maryland), J.-P. Raulin (CRAEE (Mackenzie, INPE, USP, UNICAMP) Inst. Presbiteriano), K. Shibasaki (Nobeyama Radio Obs.), S. M. White (U. of Maryland), N. Nitta (Lockheed Martin Solar \& Astrophysics Lab.), K. Shibata, M. Shimojo (National Astronomical Obs., Tokyo)
17.05 Role of Eruptive Prominences in Dynamics of Coronal Mass Ejections
F. Bagenal (LASP/APS, Univ. of Colorado), S.J. Lipscy (LASP/Univ. of Colorado)
17.06 Study of Filament Disappearances and CMEs
G. Yang, H. Wang (Big Bear Solar Obs.)
17.07 A Study of the Prominence/Coronal Mass Ejection Correlation
H. R. Gilbert, J. T. Burkepile, A. J. Hundhausen, J. A. Darnell (HAO/NCAR), F. Bagenal (University of Colorado, Boulder)
17.08 Eruption of Magnetic Structures in the Solar Corona
Y. Mok (U. of Calif., Irvine), Z. Mikic, J. Linker (SAIC)

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