AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 44. Computation and Data Analysis

Display, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 10:00am-7:00pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

44.01 Cosmic Ray Rejection and the Next Generation Space Telescope
J.D. Offenberg, D.J. Fixsen, R. Sengupta (Raytheon ITSS), M.A. Nieto-Santisteban, H.S. Stockman, R.J. Hanisch (STScI)
44.02 The SOFIA Mission Control System Software
G. M. Heiligman, D. R. Brock, S. D. Culp, P. H. Decker, J. C. Estrada, J. B. Graybeal, D. M. Nichols, P. R. Paluzzi, P. J. Sharer (Sterling Software, Inc.), R. J. Pampell, B. L. Papke, R. D. Salovich, S. B. Schlappe, K. K. Spriestersbach, G. L. Webb (Raytheon Systems Co.)
44.03 Observational Mishaps - a Database
K. von Braun, K. Chiboucas, D. Hurley-Keller (U. of Michigan)
44.04 Diffraction models for occultations
C.H. McGruder III, J.K. Jennings (Western Kentucky University)
44.05 Anomalous Refraction Studies with the SDSS
J. R. Pier, J. A. Munn, R. B. Hindsley, G. S. Hennessy (USNO), S. M. Kent (FNAL), SDSS Collaboration
44.06 Use of AMASE and ADF Visualization Tools in Multispectral Research
J.H. Blackwell Jr. (Raytheon ITSS), C. Cheung, R.A. White (NASA/GSFC), E. Shaya, B. Thomas (Raytheon ITSS), N. Roussopoulos, S. Kelley (U. Maryland)
44.07 A Model for Readership of Astronomical Journals, From an Analysis of ADS Readership
M.J. Kurtz, M. Demleitner, G. Eichhorn, C.S. Grant, A. Accomazzi, S.S. Murray (SAO)
44.08 The Astrophysics Source Code Library: http://www.ascl.net/
R. J. Nemiroff (Michigan Tech), J. F. Wallin (George Mason U.)
44.09 On the Size Parameter for Thermally-Emitting Particles
D.K. Lynch, S. Mazuk (The Aerospace Corp.)
44.10 A Parallel AMR version of the PPM Hydrodynamics Code
D. Dinge, P. Woodward (U. of Minnesota \& LCSE)
44.11 MADGUY: A New Atomic Modeling and Spectral Analysis Tool
D.T. Woods (SSL/UCB and LLNL), J.K. Nash, R.W. Lee (LLNL), G.F. Fisher (SSL/UCB)
44.12 Accurate and Efficient Perturbation Theory by Matrix Inversion
B.C. Reed (Alma College)

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