AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 52. White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars and Pulsars

Display, Tuesday, June 1, 1999, 10:00am-7:00pm, Southeast Exhibit Hall

52.01 White Dwarfs in the Globular Cluster NGC 6397
A. M. Cool (San Francisco State University), I. R. King (U.C. Berkeley), J. Anderson (U. C. Berkeley), G. Piotto (Universita di Padova)
52.02 White Dwarf Magnetic Fields and the Mass-Radius Relation
I. Suh, G. J. Mathews (University of Notre Dame)
52.03 White Dwarfs in Common Proper Motion Binary Systems: Mass Distribution and Kinematics
N.M. Silvestri, T.D. Oswalt, M.A. Wood (Florida Inst. of Tech.), J.A. Smith (University of Michigan), N. Reid (California Inst. of Tech.), E.M. Sion (Villanova University)
52.04 The Spatial Distribution and Kinematics of Cool Metallic Line White Dwarfs
T. Anselowitz, R. Wasatonic, E. M. Sion, G. P. McCook (Villanova Un.), P. Aannestad (ASU)
52.05 On the Nature and Distribution of Millisecond Binary Pulsars
L.A. Nelson, S. Mooney (Bishop's University)
52.06 J0248+60 and J2240+58: Two New Pulsars from a High-Frequency Survey of the Galactic Plane
P.S. Ray, B.J. Cadwell, T.J.W. Lazio, R.S. Foster (NRL), D.C. Backer (UCB), I. Cognard (LPCE-CNRS), J.-F. Lestrade (Obs. de Paris)
52.07 Observations of The Crab Pulsar in The Far-Ultraviolet and in The Optical
P. Lundqvist, J. Sollerman (Stockholm Obs.), T.R. Gull, D. Lindler, C.S.J. Pun, G. Sonneborn (GSFC), R.A. Chevalier (U. Virginia), R.A. Fesen (Dartmouth College), C. Fransson (Stockholm Obs.)
52.08 Radio Pulsar Evidence for Quaking Neutron Stars
L. M. Franco (Univ. of Chicago \& LANL), B. Link (Montana State Univ. \& LANL), R. I. Epstein (Los Alamos National Lab)
52.09 An Update on Timing the Geminga Pulsar with the EGRET Gamma-Ray Telescope
J.R. Mattox (Boston Univ.), J.P. Halpern (Columbia), P.A. Caraveo (Fisica Cosmica)
52.10 Refraction in Pulsar Dynamic Spectra
J.L. Sheckard, K.M. Becker, J.E. Espinoza Goodman, M.A. Kramer, D.R. Stinebring (Oberlin), R.S. Foster ()
52.11 High Resolution Pulsar Dynamic Spectra from Arecibo
D.R. Stinebring, K.M. Becker, J.E. Espinoza Goodman, M.A. Kramer, J.L. Sheckard (Oberlin), J.M. Cordes, M.A. McLaughlin (Cornell)
52.12 Fast Oscillations in Neutron Star Binaries with RXTE
E.C. Ford (U. of Amsterdam)
52.13 Brightness Oscillations During Bursts from 4U 1636-536
M.C. Miller (University of Chicago)
52.14 ASCA Observation of LMXB 4U 1728-34
T. Narita, J.E. Grindlay (CfA), D. Barret (CESR)
52.15 Yet Another Multi wavelength Campaign on Hercules X-1/HZ Herculis
S.D. Vrtilek (SAO), B. Boroson, M. Still (GSFC), H. Fiedler (UM), H. Quaintrell (OU), K. O'Brien (St.~Andrews)
52.16 LMC X-2: The Search for the Orbital Period
J. Greene, S. Wachter (CTIO), A.P. Smale (NASA/GSFC)
52.17 RXTE Studies of Long-Term X-ray Spectral Variations in 4U 1820-30
P. F. Bloser, J. E. Grindlay, P. Kaaret (CfA), W. Zhang, A. P. Smale, J. H. Swank (GSFC)
52.18 Observations of the Outbursts of Four Transient Pulsar Systems in the SMC
J.C. Lochner, L.A. Whitlock, R.H.D Corbet (USRA \& NASA/GSFC), F.E. Marshall (NASA/GSFC)
52.19 Superfluid Friction and Late-time Thermal Evolution of Neutron Stars
M.B. Larson, B. Link (Montana State U.)
52.20 The Distance to X-Ray Sources Derived from Hipparcos Observations
L. L. Clark (San Diego State Univ), J. F. Dolan (NASA Goddard SFC)

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