AAS Meeting #194 - Chicago, Illinois, May/June 1999
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All findings are embargoed until time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 67. Stellar Spectra

Display, Wednesday, June 2, 1999, 10:00am-6:30pm, Southwest Exhibit Hall

67.01 STIS UV Atlas of the Red Giant Arcturus1
T.R. Ayres, A. Brown, G.M. Harper, P.D. Bennett (CASA), J.L. Linsky (JILA), K.G. Carpenter (GSFC), R.D. Robinson (CSC)
67.02 Detailed non-LTE Analysis of the High-S/N STIS Spectrum of the Hot Subdwarf, BD+28{{}\circ}4211
I. Hubeny, T. Lanz, S. Haas, S.R. Heap, D.J. Lindler, M.E. Kaiser (NASA/GSFC)
67.03 A Different Approach to Convective Nucleosynthesis
A. Baleisis, D. Arnett (Univ. of Arizona)
67.04 Abundances in the Ultra-Metal-Poor Halo Giant CS 22892-052: Implications for the Production of Neutron-Capture Elements in the Early Galaxy
J. J. Cowan (U. Oklahoma), C. Sneden, I. Ivans (U. Texas), S. Burles (U. Chicago), T. C. Beers (Michigan State U.), G. Fuller (UCSD)
67.05 Saturation, Activity Indicators, and Rotation Rates in Cool Stars
D.L. Buzasi (UC Berkeley)
67.06 Barium and Sodium Abundances in the Very Metal-Poor Globular Clusters M15 and M92
C. A. Pilachowski (NOAO), C. Sneden (U. Texas), R. P. Kraft (UCSC)

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